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Cubensis Spores – Golden Caps (Misc.)




Our Cubensis spores are intended for microscopic research and identification purposes only. They are not for human consumption. The C.O.G. makes no warranties regarding cultivation of our cubensis spores. Our spores are prepared in an aqueous solution and housed in a 10ml syringe, in a still-air, sterile environment.

When we can’t remember our left from right…”label”, we offer discounts. The Golden Caps will have one of the following types listed below, so play close attention under the microscope and guess which one!


  • Burma
  • Golden Teacher
  • Jedi Mind Fuck
  • Thai Ko Samui
  • Tidal Wave
  • B Plus (+)
  • Golden Caps (Misc.)

Approximate size: 8″

Approximate weight: 130g

Extra Information:

  • Size:
    • 8″
  • Weight:
    • 10g
  • Features:
    • lx 10cc Spores Microscopy Syringe
    • lx Alcohol Pad
    • lx 16ga 1 1/4″  Needle
    • lx Instruction Card (per order)

*Add strain (type) in notes on the order form

*Viewing slide not included

*Additional set of instructions an website

*Limit (4) per order


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